[A short] History of Me.

Growing up in the wilds of Iowa (my family's golf course) I have an immense appreciation for nature.  I love to hike & run, do Pilates & yoga, paint, dance & sing.  
Me and my babe, 2008.

I2001 I received a BA in Studio Art from the University of Iowa. My passion is ceramics and from there I fell in love with the human form in life drawing.  Immediately after graduation, I moved to Flagstaff and went to massage school. Then in 2008 I went back to school, taking pre-requisite coursework for admission into a Physical Therapy program.  These classes helped me come to a deeper understanding of how our bodies work and the deep connection between the mind and body.  

Willow Creek Golf Course, West Des Moines, Iowa. 
Beautiful flower bed behind me designed by my Aunt Lori.

When you come to work with me, we will discuss any issues and goals and go from there.  My work is a collaboration with your mindbodyspirit, I will not push my beliefs and agenda on you. However, I am coming to the table with 15 years of bodywork experience, will discuss the options of treatment and give exercises and self-care suggestions.  For lasting benefits, it is up to you to continue taking care of yourself between sessions.  Our bodies are made to move!